Famous Hollywood starlets who were all once female escorts!

It doesn’t matter where you go in Hollywood, the rumour mill will always be filled with one thing or another. One such rumour that seems to follow a lot of stars around is the fact that many of them started their careers as escorts. Once the actress makes it big, the rumours tend to die down somewhat but a simple search or two on the Internet can make them resurface rather quickly. Now who ever said reality wasn’t as interesting as fiction? While we can’t reveal that any Hollywood starlets were in actual fact London escorts, we can tell you that there were some sauntering around the states way back when.


Considering just some of the women and their enormous talent, it makes you wonder why directors didn’t snap them up in the very beginning. When you consider the competition however, it’s no wonder these ladies chose escorting as a way of meeting some of the LA big shots. California was and always will be home to some of the most high-profile directors and producers in Hollywood.  Giving them a glimpse of your talent and beauty outside of the big studio doors would be the ideal opportunity to get your foot firmly through it. This is no doubt why these ladies chose escorting to be the stepping-stone on their way to the top and here are the three super famous actresses that did exactly that.


Sophia Loren – Sophia first began working as an adult entertainer during World War II. The reason she first began however wasn’t simply for acting but to help her family during tough times. She met all of her clients in the bar that her parents had opened in their hometown of Italy, which drew in many an American soldier. This Italian escort soon became super popular under the pseudonym ‘La Simpatica”. It wasn’t long before La Simpatica met her husband and became one of the most famous actresses in the World.


Marilyn Monroe – a huge icon in her time and an even bigger one since her untimely death, Marilyn Monroe was widely known around the globe as an actress, singer and even a modern day sex symbol. She became a model when she was just 20 and yet despite her beautiful looks and obvious sex appeal, she just didn’t make it big straight away. As a result, she hung out with famous directors and producers as a high-class escort for a rate of approximately $500 a day.


Raquel Welch – this stunning woman was a major sex symbol in her day. Even before appearing in One Million Years B.C, she was high in demand, but not as an actress as you might expect, rather as a female escort. As a high-class female escort, she hung around with some high profile clients and was so comfortable with her life as an escort that she even posed for Playboy in 1979.


If you have a favourite actor or actress that you’d love to find out more about, especially if they have an escort past then all it takes is a little digging around.

Written By sultinys