A touch of Elite/High Class on VIP

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Everyone needs to spoil themselves once in a while, and when you do so, you should pick the very best you can get. There should be no compromise on the gifts you choose to give yourself, life is meant to be lived to the fullest! When you decide to spend time with an escort, why go for something ordinary? You are looking for a special experience, and you want to have moments that you will remember for a long time with a big smile on your face.

A high-class escort is much more than just a pretty face; these girls have style, class and impeccable manners. They are ladies in the true sense of the word, and they know the art of seduction extremely well. If you are looking for top quality girls you should pick an agency with in-depth knowledge of this niche market. VIP Companion International puts considerable effort in the recruitment of models of the highest calibre, and this is the reason why they have been leading the industry of high-end escorts in London for so many years. As their name suggests, this escort agency aims to bring to its customers a truly VIP experience, and has an impressive collection of gorgeous models from all around the world. Its international models come from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia; they have escorts of mixed heritage as well, with very distinctive looks and a real uniqueness about them. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that all these girls will be stunning, and they will be able to seduce you in the blink of an eye!

Thanks to their great reputation amongst high-class escort models, VIP Companion International is a popular choice for new girls getting started in this industry. Therefore, with this agency you will be able to meet young models and new faces that you will not find elsewhere. Meeting up with young girls who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do is a very thrilling experience, and it will surely bring your excitement to the next level. You will immediately be at ease in their company, it will seem that time has stopped, as a couple of hours together can feel like a long time.

There are several agencies in London displaying pictures of beautiful girls that unfortunately do not correspond to reality; this can often lead to disappointment, but rest assured that nothing like that will happen at VIP Companion International. The models in their gallery are portrayed in all their natural beauty without excessive retouching, so you can get a clear idea of what they look like.

Simply pick your favourite and request a booking, the ladies are available day and night 7 days a week. Too much beauty to choose from? If you would like some advice you can give the agency a call; the friendly staff knows their high-class girls very well and are able to give you a recommendation suited to your needs.

Are you looking for a lady to impress for a special occasion? Your high-class escort from VIP Companion International will be the life and soul of the party, and your night together will be a hard one to forget. These girls know how to carry themselves in public, they are very comfortable in their own skin and they will gladly accompany you on evenings out as well as trips abroad, provided sufficient notice is given to the agency.

Just make a booking with VIP Companion International – the booking process is quick and easy. You can then sit back, relax and just let your escort truly take care of you!

Why Russian Escorts are so special?

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It is no secret that Russian women are something special. Spending time in the company of a Russian lady is a unique experience to be cherished, as these girls truly know what men want and need. They are able to excite you and make you feel relaxed at the same time, and they will be totally devoted to you for the entire duration of your encounter, however brief or long it may be. If you want to feel truly spoilt, a Russian escort is your best choice – these girls will make all your naughty dreams come true!

For that to happen, you should choose an escort agency that specializes in Russian girls. LEMUK is proud to present the most extensive gallery of stunning Russian escorts available in London. Their selection of girls is truly impressive, these ladies look like they have just stepped out of a painting, they truly are a work of art! All the girls listed on LEMUK’s page are genuine Russian escorts; from blondes to brunettes, from busty to slim models, there is something for every taste.

London Escort Models UK has been leading the adult entertainment business in London for a very long time. Their expertise spans over 15 years and they have a regular and loyal customer base. The secret to their success is to put clients first and do their very best to listen to their requirements and match them with the best available girls. London Escort Models UK puts their customers first, always. That’s the reason why they have so many good reviews from their clients, and they are able to attract the best girls in the industry to go and work for them.

LEMUK has an impressive collection of girls of all nationalities, Russian escorts in particular – this is what the agency is most famous for. On their website there is a page dedicated solely to Russian escorts; the girls offer both incall and outcall services, and are available during the day and night. They might also be able to travel and join you abroad, if you contact the agency with sufficient notice.

Russian girls are famous worldwide not only for the beauty, but also their style, elegance and extremely powerful seductive abilities. Russian ladies truly stand out from the rest, and they are able to turn heads wherever they go. If you are looking for a lady to impress, whether the occasion is a dinner date, a party or any other social gathering, be sure that a Russian model is the type of girl you are looking for. Comfortable in their own skin without ever looking vulgar or arrogant, these ladies know how to impress in the most tasteful and effective way.

Why are Russian ladies so stunning and addictive? What makes them so special? Russia is without a doubt home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, but beauty is not everything. It is also known that Russian women take a lot of pride in their appearance, they put considerable effort in the way they dress and present themselves. They look after their figure and have bodies to die for. Always groomed to perfection and original in their attire, Russian women surely know the latest trends in the fashion industry and how to make the most out of them.

Known worldwide for their glamorous looks and impeccable style, Russian girls are 2nd to none and they’re sure to make a great impression every time they step out of the house. These ladies are alluring, mysterious and extremely sexy. Russian girls are popular especially because of their natural sensuality; being sexy is simply in their nature, they can’t help it!

High Class escorts in London at LEMUK agency

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If you are searching for high-class escort in London you should definitely take a look at London Escort Models UK gallery of beautiful models, based in the UK and abroad. The agency is a leading adult entertainment business in London and the rest of the UK for many years, and always tries to bring to its clients the very best adult entertainers from all over the World. LEMUK has a great selection of stunning Russian, European and Latin models, as well as ladies of mixed heritage and more exotic background. Whatever your preference is, here are London Escort Models UK you will find the girl you are looking for.

The agency believes that quality is extremely important when choosing to spend time with an escort, that’s why they carefully select their applicants to make sure they are top notch and stand out from the competition. LEMUK selects their girls based on looks as well as personality, because high-class means a lot more than beauty. All the ladies have good manners, impeccable style, erotic attitude and a very friendly personality that will immediately put you at ease and entice your senses so, you truly get the full package! These ladies are able to offer unique experiences that are hard to forget, they will make you feel really spoiled and satisfied, a wonderful feeling that will stay with you even after your booking.

When you choose a girl with this agency you can be sure that you will receive the best service and you will be mesmerized by how stunning these escort girls really are! They have been getting really good feedbacks from clients; their customers have told that services they get often exceed their expectations, and they were surprised by the high standards of service they receive booking after booking. There are several escort agencies in London, and it can be difficult to find a consistent level of service for a long period of time; with other agencies, sometimes you might be lucky but other times you may be disappointed – as the escort girls don’t always look like their pictures, or they may have manners or behaviours that are not appropriate for a true high-class escort.

We know that punters are always looking for excitement and a fresh new adventures, that’s why LEMUK recruits new escort girls on a continuous basis. The agency already has a large gallery of elite escort girls that you can choose from, but they still look for new faces to be added to its portfolio. The escort agency is sure that gallery is updated regularly, so you can find something new every time you visit thewebsite – there is no way you will ever get bored of London Escort Models UK!

Ready to book an appointment ? You can give a call now on +44 (0)750 0060 335 / +44 (0)755 4421 420 to make a booking, you may also ask for a recommendation – as they know all their girls personally and are able to advise on what would be the best choice for your taste! Alternatively, you can also make a booking online using the booking form; simply click on the “booking” tab at the top of the page and fill in the form with all required details and the agency will be in touch with you very shortly to confirm your appointment and get your naughty adventure started!

Fashion for escort girls

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As glamorous as it sounds to some, being a female escort isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, keeping yourself looking and feeling great. Even what you wear is taken into consideration. You may have clients who like certain dresses. You may even have clients who appreciate a certain heel. While this may seem demanding, it makes things a whole lot easier. You know what to wear and you know they’ll like it. The trouble comes when a client doesn’t specify what he wants you to wear. With that in mind, here are some guidelines on staying up to date with your clothes.


Comfortable in your skin. Being comfortable in your skin is important. A cheap dress or revealing skirt isn’t what everyone wants. Least of all the escort herself. Being an escort is about your personality as well as your body. This is why it’s important to let your personal style shine through. You also want to feel comfortable too. One good way to gauge things is to look at your client’s style. You can then do your best to resemble this. Adding timeless and classic pieces such as the LBD will be much better for you.

Dressing for the occasion – as a high-class girl, you’ll be taken to a lot of different events. This means you’ll need to dress for every occasion. Weather obviously plays an important factor. This is especially so if you’re walking around London. The attire of an escort having dinner in Chelsea is of course very different to that of an escort hanging out in a hotel room. Every event will require its own signature look too. It’s important to therefore, familiarise yourself with the fashion code in each place you’ll be. Is it black tie or simple smart casual? If you’re spending a long time with a client, say over a few days then you’ll want to plan each outfit down to the jewellery and underwear.


Wear your own version of classy – our London escort agency is one that’s held in high regard. Our females are expected to shown a certain amount of class. This means, when you’re asked to dress seductively, a micro mini skirt isn’t always the way. While this might be appropriate for a night club or party, chances are it’ll appear a little too risqué at the Ritz. A sexy London escort in a feminine fitted pencil skirt, silk blouse and sexy Louboutins is super sexy.

Hair and make-up is important – your hair and make-up can make or break your outfit. Your hair should look and feel soft and luxurious. Whether thick or thin, it should be in the best condition possible. Dry or damaged hair will simply ruin your whole look. Poor hair is a reflection of your diet as well as a lack of maintenance. So always use a good conditioner followed with a great colour treatment. Be sure to keep this up every six to eight weeks. As a top girl, it’s your job to keep on top of things. When it comes to your skin, it should be glowing. If you have to, consult an expert on the best colours for your skin tone. Use lots of moisturiser to ensure your skin isn’t dry or flaky. Last but most certainly not least, wax, wax and wax again.


If you’re new to the world of escorting, then we hope this guide has helped. We also hope this guide may have given a few professionals some new and exciting tips too. Go get ‘em ladies.

Famous Hollywood starlets who were all once female escorts!

It doesn’t matter where you go in Hollywood, the rumour mill will always be filled with one thing or another. One such rumour that seems to follow a lot of stars around is the fact that many of them started their careers as escorts. Once the actress makes it big, the rumours tend to die down somewhat but a simple search or two on the Internet can make them resurface rather quickly. Now who ever said reality wasn’t as interesting as fiction? While we can’t reveal that any Hollywood starlets were in actual fact London escorts, we can tell you that there were some sauntering around the states way back when.


Considering just some of the women and their enormous talent, it makes you wonder why directors didn’t snap them up in the very beginning. When you consider the competition however, it’s no wonder these ladies chose escorting as a way of meeting some of the LA big shots. California was and always will be home to some of the most high-profile directors and producers in Hollywood.  Giving them a glimpse of your talent and beauty outside of the big studio doors would be the ideal opportunity to get your foot firmly through it. This is no doubt why these ladies chose escorting to be the stepping-stone on their way to the top and here are the three super famous actresses that did exactly that.


Sophia Loren – Sophia first began working as an adult entertainer during World War II. The reason she first began however wasn’t simply for acting but to help her family during tough times. She met all of her clients in the bar that her parents had opened in their hometown of Italy, which drew in many an American soldier. This Italian escort soon became super popular under the pseudonym ‘La Simpatica”. It wasn’t long before La Simpatica met her husband and became one of the most famous actresses in the World.


Marilyn Monroe – a huge icon in her time and an even bigger one since her untimely death, Marilyn Monroe was widely known around the globe as an actress, singer and even a modern day sex symbol. She became a model when she was just 20 and yet despite her beautiful looks and obvious sex appeal, she just didn’t make it big straight away. As a result, she hung out with famous directors and producers as a high-class escort for a rate of approximately $500 a day.


Raquel Welch – this stunning woman was a major sex symbol in her day. Even before appearing in One Million Years B.C, she was high in demand, but not as an actress as you might expect, rather as a female escort. As a high-class female escort, she hung around with some high profile clients and was so comfortable with her life as an escort that she even posed for Playboy in 1979.


If you have a favourite actor or actress that you’d love to find out more about, especially if they have an escort past then all it takes is a little digging around.